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Conference ServicesConference Services
Considering an Event in Newfoundland and Labrador? Considering an Event in Newfoundland and Labrador?
Two traditional entertainers awaiting their cue outside the Delta Ballroom

Let Wildland Tours and Event Planning Associates be your guide in Newfoundland and Labrador. Every organization has its own corporate goals and traditions. Our commitment is to use our local expertise to work with you to develop your own ideal local event. Newfoundland and Labrador is number two on the list of where Canadians want to go according to the Conference Board of Canada. After your national organization meets in British Columbia, the place they most want to go is Newfoundland.
When it is time to reward people, we invite you to consider the professional and social attractiveness of Newfoundland and Labrador. We are one of the world’s best kept incentive and meeting place secrets. The province boasts excellent hotels, experienced service providers, and one of the world’s most amazing landscapes. Visitors will be enthralled by the world’s largest gathering of humpback whales and the world’s largest gatherings of a variety of seabirds. Icebergs, dramatic seacliffs, the continent’s largest puffin colony, and the world’s largest caribou herd add to the natural wonders of Newfoundland and Labrador.
The cultural experience alone is worth the visit. Maclean’s Magazine will tell you Newfoundlanders are the friendliest and sexiest Canadians. We have more fun, less crime, and laugh more than other Canadians. And anybody who knows the people will tell you Newfoundland and Labrador is one of the most interesting places in the world to visit. The entertainers lead the country in humour and sophistication. Local musicians continue to pioneer many of the musical directions of North America. We have been at the leading edge of the world’s technology since 1866, and our business community continues to lead the country in a variety of fields. Reward yourself and enrich your colleagues: meet in the Far East of the Western World.

Calling all Conference PlannersCalling all Conference Planners
Heading out to meet the whales

Hosting a national or international event can be a frightening prospect if you haven’t done it before.  We have been a part of local event planning teams since the 1980s.  We have been a member of Destination St. John’s since the beginning.  (DSJ is the local industry association that promotes eastern Newfoundland as a place for meetings, special events, and vacations.)  We continue to work with the province’s most experienced hotels, entertainers, and service providers to ensure the professional and social requirements are met for all sorts of Newfoundland and Labrador events.  We are here to make it easier for you. 
We look forward to working with you and introducing you to one of the world’s most exciting landscapes. Newfoundland consistently ranks as one of the two places Canadians most want to visit. Conferences here are typically better attended than the same event hosted on the Canadian mainland. You can plan your Newfoundland event in confidence knowing the venue and the social programme will be remembered warmly for years! Let Wildland Tours and Event Planning Associates help you plan your successful event in Newfoundland. We have worked on hundreds of twenty-first century conferences and special events. Let our experienced staff assist you with:
* planning and promoting your event
* all aspects of registration
* coordinating workshops and guest speakers
* publication of programmes and proceedings
* trade shows (everything from floor plans to set up to tear down)
* social events and local entertainment
* children’s programmes and companions’ programmes
* tours to see some of the most remarkable sites in the world!
We have provided all of these services to many national and international conferences and special events taking place in Newfoundland. We would be delighted to put our experience and imagination to work for you. Our conference planning service can save you time and money. Often we can even help your organization with fundraising.  Ask us “how”.
Wildland Tours and Convention Services/Event Planning Associates
124 Water St., P.O. Box 383,
St. John’s, NL, Canada, A1C 5J9 Phone (709) 722-3123 Fax (709) 722-3335 E-mail nltours@wildlands.com
In 1997 we were recognized as “Newfoundland’s largest and most experienced conference services organization.” That was the year we provided tour services to the largest conference in Canada. In 1997 we also planned the national conference for all of Canada’s planners; and we provided destination management services to dozens of other large and small organizations together with their thousands of delegates and visitors. In 1998 we worked with France’s largest charter company to provide deluxe tours for the 100 passengers on the first Concorde to land in St. John’s. We serviced the largest cruise ship to ever visit Red Bay. We also serviced the first cruise ship since 1536 to visit Bonavista. Prince Talil of Saudi Arabia and thousands of other guests learned about the city, the countryside, and the province from us. In 1998 we provided planning, entertainment, and touring services to over a dozen special events including Newfoundland’s largest 1998 conference, the Canadian Bar Association’s Annual General Meeting. We arranged a 1300-person reception for this group on Sunday, August 23, organized a second 800-person reception on August 24, and provided tours to hundreds of other visiting legal professionals. Three days later we put together a 1900-person event for Hibernia which was one of the dozens of projects we carried out for the multi-billion-dollar Newfoundland oil industry during their development phase. Event Planning Associates and Wildland Tours are longtime members of Hospitality Newfoundland and Labrador and Destination St. John’s. We are also the Newfoundland and Labrador agent for some of the world’s most prestigious cruiselines and travel organizations.  In 2012 we led the campaign to put Newfoundland on the list of international Titanic destinations enthusiasts want to visit while hosting the international safety organization that grew up from that tragedy off our coast.
Our conference and event list was well into the hundreds of projects by 2006 when we hosted the children and companions of Canada’s premiers and received a wonderful thank you letter from Newfoundland and Labrador’s premier.  And the fun has continued into this year when we helped host local corporate Christmas parties, large national conferences, and very large international cruiselines.   
We have a long list of satisfied customers you can use as references and a long history of working cooperatively with the province’s other service providers including hotels, coachlines, and venues. If you are planning a special event here, we hope to add you to our list of happy clients.
Our friends and business associates often ask us what we do over the winter.  During the winter of 2012/2013 we are available to assist local and national conference planners prepare for events in the St. John’s region.  We occasionally work on events in Gander, Corner Brook, and elsewhere although Mark in our Corner Brook office finds the time to be one of western Newfoundland’s best known skiers and ski coaches. 

A Mountie keeps a wary eye on a Viking as they wait for cruise ship passengers

Thank you so much for playing a role in the success of the Summer 2006 meeting….All the feedback we have received from Premiers and their delegates has been outstanding….together we have provided a unique and warm experience for our visitors….Again, thank you.
- Danny Williams, Premier of Newfoundland and Labrador, August 2006
“The Newfoundland Kitchen Party earned rave reviews from our delegates.  Menu, decor, entertainment, and all the other details came together in an event that really showcased Newfoundland’s reputation for wonderful hospitality…..Our post-conference event, 500 years of Rum and Rascals was also a huge hit…..Please convey our thanks to all your team members for their excellent service.  We continue to receive compliments on our 2005 conference.
- Roger Dowdall, Canadian Payments Association.
“… the conference was a great success. We look forward to working with you in the future.”
Marjorie Mercer, Coordinator (First Joint Meeting of the Society of Canadian Ornithologists and the American and British Ornithological Unions. August, 2000)

 ”… I would just like to extend our sincerest appreciation for the excellent work you did for us… The success of Hibernia can be directly attributable to the efforts of individuals like yourself and the team at your company.”
John Percic, Corporate Communications Officer, Petro-Canada

 ”… It goes without saying that the involvement of you both in the planning process did relieve us of the tremendous burden in having to deal with the many, many details involved with such an undertaking… we look forward to other occasions when your services may be required.”
Ernest G. Reid, Stewart McKelvey Stirling Scales (Canadian Bar Association, 1998)

On behalf of my colleagues at Hibernia, please accept my thanks for a job well done on our First Oil celebration… It was a somewhat difficult assignment since you could not be sure what date the event would be held on, but you managed to put on a ‘top notch’ event… everyone had a wonderful time celebrating the achievement of First Oil.
Patricia Jackson, Hibernia Public Affairs Advisor

We saw more whales and seabirds than I could have imagined… Thank you so much for the excellent arrangements …  The people of your island are indeed special” 
Terry Hicks, Kingston, Ontario, Canada

We heard nothing but positive comments regarding arrangements. We are particularly grateful for your going above and beyond the call of duty…”
Dr. Sharon Buehlar, Co-Chair, Canadian Society for Epidemiology and Biostatistics