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Exploring abandoned communities on the Southern Labrador Adventure

For a thousand years, Newfoundland has drawn explorers — the Vikings, Audubon, Roger Tory Peterson. This coming summer you can join them in discovering one of the world’s last natural places. The rugged sea cliffs of the coastal islands teem with guillemots (murres), gulls, razorbilled auks, puffins, and other species of seabird. We will visit places where seabirds are so plentiful they...

Long Point Lighthouse at Twillingate

Welcome to the far east of the Western World. Come to the place where the New World begins. Feel the power of the Atlantic Ocean as it meets North America for the first time. It happens at Cape Spear — North America’s eastern edge — where a lighthouse has faced the ocean for over 160 years and where you’re closer to Ireland than northern Ontario.

We always check out the region's historic fishing villages

Your Newfoundland and Labrador hosts are well versed in the province’s aboriginal lore.  The province’s European history may go back to St. Brendan (believed to have lived from A.D. 489-577).  His legend describes how he left Ireland near the end of his life to plant the seeds of Christianity in a far western isle. This legend which tells of...

The northern Labrador coast is home to some of our planet's oldest rocks

Roland Huntford, in his retelling of the 1911 race to the South Pole, described Antarctica as “The Last Place on Earth” but northern Labrador, the thumb in Canada’s mitten, gets my vote. Let me tell you why.

Your travels with Wildland Tours will feature wild and interesting days followed by comfortable nights in nice hotels.  Lots of folks use their time with us to get their bearings as they plan for a few days of independent exploring following their tour.  Our leaders will have lots of current informations about festivals and events.  And these are a few more ideas….....

In North America, you can access us via Toronto, Montreal, Halifax, Boston, or Newark, including several daily direct flights to St. John’s from Halifax, Montreal, and Toronto. For Europeans there are regular flights from London to St. John’s and London to Halifax.