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How to Get to Newfoundland and LabradorHow to Get to Newfoundland and Labrador

In North America, you can access us via Toronto, Montreal, Halifax, Boston, or Newark, including several daily direct flights to St. John’s from Halifax, Montreal, and Toronto. For Europeans there are regular flights from London to St. John’s and London to Halifax.


Air Canada
Air Canada provides service to/from AND within Newfoundland and Labrador. It is a Star Alliance member.
Phone Canada (800) 4-CANADA
Phone U.S.A.(800) 776-3000
Phone Europe 44-181-750-8482
Website www.aircanada.ca
United/Continental Airlines
United/Continental Airlines provides non-stop service to/from Newfoundland and Labrador and New York City (Newark).
Phone Canada and International (800) 231-0856
Phone U.S.A. and Mexico (800) 523-3273
Website www.continental.com or www.united.com
WestJet provides service to/from Newfoundland and Labrador from many Canadian cities.
Website www.westjet.com
Porter provides service to/from Newfoundland and Labrador from Toronto, Halifax, Chicago, Boston, Myrtle Beach, and New York.
Phone: 888-619-8622
Website www.flyporter.com
Air Labrador
Air Labrador provides service within Newfoundland and Labrador ONLY.
Phone (709) 896-3387
Website www.airlabrador.com
Provincial Airlines
Provincial Airlines provides service within Newfoundland and Labrador ONLY.
Phone (709) 576-1666
Website www.provair.com

Travel Agents Travel Agents

Maxxim Vacations
Maxxim Vacations can sell you most of our holidays at prices that incorporates excellent airfares. Contact them for details.
Phone (800) 567-6666
Website www.maxximvacations.com


Marine Atlantic
Marine Atlantic provides service to/from Nova Scotia and Newfoundland and Labrador.
Phone (800) 341-7981
Website www.marine-atlantic.ca

Choosing Wildland ToursChoosing Wildland Tours
Two traditional entertainers awaiting their cue outside the Delta Ballroom

There are more and more outside companies now offering or considering tours of Newfoundland and Labrador. These include Saga Holidays, Road Scholar, Routes to Learning, Globus, Cosmos, Globus-Cosmos, Collette Tours, Denure Tours, Grand Circle Travel, Seniors Tours Canada, Pacific Gold Tours, Conquest Tours, Hanover Holidays, Trafalgar, DRL, Brewster, Canadian Cultural Landscapes, Signature Vacations, Brennan Tours, Jetsave, Titan Travel, Brewster, Maupintour, Tauck, Odyssey, Canadvac, Natural Habitat Adventures, Nathab, Ambassatours, Aquilla, Atlantic Tours, Scott Walking Tours, Quest Nature Tours, Greyline, Cardinal Tours, Atlantic Canada Safaris, Nova Tours, Cherry Tours, Gray Line Vacations, Victor Emanuel, Explore, Anna McGoldrick, Focus on Nature Tours (these guys are really bad - check out Delaware BBB), Fehrway Tours, Horizon Holidays, Nagel Tours, Elderhostel, Smithsonian, and others.
These outside companies usually feature good Newfoundland and Labrador hotels but none can match our local knowledge, carefully planned itineraries, or our authentic Newfoundland and Labrador experience. Our excellent local leaders also add a unique magic to the holiday experience. Most of the big touring companies lose their guests in the impersonal settings of large 56-passenger coaches hosted by folks who are unfamiliar with the many wonders and back roads of Newfoundland and Labrador. We have had numerous guests who, after traveling with one of the large North American tour companies, found themselves inspired to arrange a return visit with us so they could experience the local flavours and settings of the marvellous, curious and wonderous landscape that is Newfoundland and Labrador. Comments like, “By the time we got out of the coach the moose (or whale or eagle) had vanished!” are far too common among folks who travel with the volume tour companies. We boast a much more authentic travel experience with smaller groups, more personal attention, experienced local hosts, the province’s first and only nationally certified tour director, and oodles more fun. We also give our guests the chance to smell the flowers, meet the locals, and photograph the wildlife. One our biggest advantages is the timing of our holidays. Our schedule is built around when the wildlife and attractions are available for easy viewing. Far too many travellers come to Newfoundland expecting to see puffins, seabirds, icebergs, and our other wonders in the fall when they are not easily found. Every year we hear from dozens of visitors who travelled with outside companies expecting to see wildlife that had already left for the year. Other vacationers are disappointed when seasonal attractions are closed for the year. This is why - for example - our Newfoundland Adventures end in mid August. After this time, some of the planet’s largest marine wildlife populations have moved away from eastern Newfoundland. The region is still beautiful but the star attractions are becoming scarce. We invite you to quiz the competition and check their dates and policies… we’re confident you will select Wildland Tours as your best choice for an authentic vacation experience in Newfoundland and Labrador.